What are the Abilympics?

Abilympics  (Olympics of Abilities) are vocational skills competitions specifically designed for persons with disabilities to enable them to expose their unique talents.

In 1972, the Japan Association for Employment of the Disabled (JEED), held the “Olympics of Abilities”, with the aim to improve the vocational abilities of persons with disabilities to reach their highest potential. In 1981, almost a decade later, the First International Abilympics was held in Tokyo – Japan, to commemorate the United Nations International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP). Since then the Abilympics have been held every 4 years at various international host nations.

abilympics.org.au represents Western Australian contenders

Metz, France – 2023

We are very honoured by the decision of the French government about their support and their wish to host the 10th International Abilympics competition in Metze on 23rd-25th March 2023, only 7 years after the last edition.

France feels deeply concerned about the future of the Abilympics and the perspectives of contestants from all over the world who are expecting to compete to showcase their talents and their abilities.

Despite the COVID pandemic situation and the international context, we are certain that 2023 is the right time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Abilympics competition.

This competition will be organised in conjunction with the 47th Regional selection for WorldSkills competition – Grand-Est Region.
Applications for this Abilympics are now closed, but please register your interest to compete for Australia at future events.

Marché de Noël Place St Louis

Marché de Noël Place St Louis

Abilympics in West Australia

Abilympics West Australia Association Inc. have participated in every Abilympics event since its inception in Tokyo in 1981. Like the Olympics and Paralympics the events are held every four years to encourage people with disabilities to participate in workskill competition.

Your chance to join Abilympics WA, meet people, participate and broaden your horizons. Not only are we active in the community but we also represent the whole of Australia – and there’s nothing quite like representing your country!


Compete With Abilympics WA

Abilympics WA would like to invite expressions of interest from people with disabilities living in WA who have skills as described on the compete pages, who would like to represent their country and travel with like minded people.    

The People & Their Stories

The Abilympics isn’t just about competition, it brings attention to the quality of work offered by persons with disabilities. Preparing, participation and the challenges involved gives our competitors a constructive way to improve their vocational skills. This is a benefit that lasts forever, confirming an active role in society.

Be inspired to join the Abilympics movement, read the stories, challenges overcome, friends made & experiences had by being an Abilympics member.