Abilympics WA would like to invite expressions of interest from people with disabilities who would like to compete for their State and Country in future Abilympics events. It is hoped that a large team of potential medal winners will participate with us.

We take a team of health professionals who are able to assist in activities of daily living. Health professionals include a physiotherapist, nurses and several people who will assist with transfers etc as required.

Abilympics West Australia Association Inc greatly financially assist participants, although we do undertake some fundraising and expect participants to meet their own passport and insurance costs. Most meals are provided at the venue and breakfasts are included with hotel fees which are met by Abilympics. The amount of spending money is up to the individual and self funded.

Richard Higgins competing in the wood carving event

These are the current workskill events that Abilympics WA would love for you to compete in and represent your home country of Australia with the potential to win medals

Professional Skill Competitions – Occupational Skills

Making of a wood structure with provided materials and equipments, with respect of the guidelines.

Making of a simple wood structure with provided materials and equipments, with respect of the guidelines.

Making a drawing (layouts) with various views that will be required from an architectural sketch.

Installation and / or repairing of an electrical system according to the plan and the specifications.

Creating a green space with the materials and plants provided in accordance with the plan and specifications.

Paint a surface and cover a surface with wallpaper. Both tasks will be done according to a pattern.

Tiling a wall with ceramic tiles according to the drawings and instructions given.

Fabricating a basket with provided materials according to the given theme.

Realization of a handmade pottery using the provided materials and respecting the imposed drawing.

Producing a woman outfit and tailor made models using the prodived fabric.

Producing a part or an entire woman outfit and tailor made models using the prodived fabric.

Making floral arrangement with flowers, plants and accessories according to the given theme.

Realization of a capillary care of hygiene, by putting in beauty the hair of the models.

Hand-made fabrication and adjustement of a jewel according to a provided drawing and a molded model. Deposit of material, shape adjustement, welding and brazing

Make a man’s garment from the fabric provided and the instructions given.

Making and decorating of bakery goods with provided professional bakery equipment and according to the given instructions. Contestants must add a creativity touch.

Make an artistic composition according to a given theme. Make decorating elements and chocolate icing with a dummy cake. The candidate may be asked to make a flower in front of the judge.

Carving and arranging a composition of raw vegetables and fruits thanks to a given theme. Competitors must produce a harmonious and artistic combination with a high level of detail in composition and colour.

Make a menu with Ingredients and dishes (appetizers/main dishes/desserts)

Make a menu with Ingredients and dishes (appetizers/main dishes/desserts).

Produce a range of individual cakes. Produce a chocolate presentation piece employing many techniques. Contestants must have a creativity touch.

Ensure the restaurant service runs properly in compliance with the rules in force, forge a great relationship with the customer being attentive, polite and reliable to answer the needs.

Creation of an orthosis for a lower or upper limb according to the instructions given.

Production of prostheses (crowns, rings, braces) from dental impression. Shape molds and use ceramics, composite materials and precious metals.

To perform a sanitary manicure with the application of a durable decorative coating and nail design, using professional equipment and materials.

Perform several massages according to the instructions given. The employed techniques must be adapted to the situation.

Assistance and people suppport in their daily tasks to ensure their needs and using holistic approach to care.

From a specific case, realise optical assembling. Realise sizing and adaptation of the corrective lenses inside the frame glasses.

Installation, maintenance and updating of computer equipment and softwares.

Assembling a PC (organising systems and installing network) with the Hard/Software knowledge according to the given specifications and making it run on the Operating System

Creation of an application program using programming languages and databases to operate given task assignments.

Creation of web pages including various information and functions on provided data.

Creating database processing application using DBMS (Database Management System).

Assembling an electronic equipment from a given circuit board drawing using provided components.

Assembling electronic components, building and testing of a basic circuit / connecting the circuit based on the electronic scheme and guidelines and according to general knowledge from the industry domain.

Development of a virtual and augmented reality game for use on mobile and portable devices.

Assembling a bicycle according to given instructions and making adjustments to make it run properly

Making detailed side drawings and parts for machine tools

Build and program a robotic platform to perform automated actions.

Diagnosing and repairing of motorcycle vehicles: electrical, electronic systems and components

Assembling of metal pieces through welding in order to obtain a final product in conformity with the specifications and the plan.

Realisation of a product from thin threads according to the imposed pattern.

Hand production of patterns and embroidery models, observing a given topic and using different styles of embroidery stitches.

Creation of a hand-knitted product according to specifications and a given pattern.

Realisation of creative objects (functional and/or aesthetic) using waste materials

Making a product(scarf or wall-decoration) with silk and colors and drawing according to various techniques.

Making a wood carving according to given drawing.

Creation and design of characters according to given theme using computer softwares.

Prepare an authorial media content for internet with the use of photo and video footage.

Take photos in an outdoor environment or in a building. Use tehcnical skills and creativity on given theme using digital camera and image processing with professional softwares

In a studio environment, contestants must use technical skills and creativity on given theme using digital camera and image processing with professional softwares.

Designing a poster including text and design forms in color on a given theme using computer.

Create and design a graphic document for print using Adobe software according to the given theme and according to a category of readers

Typing a document according to a given MS-word sample.

Create a hard cover notebook, bind notebooks with metal spiral and make a saddle stitch binding.

Clean one or more windows, including the frame (with spots removal). Perform combined cleaning of textile flooring (injection – extraction).

Repair appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, cooking appliances, small household appliances.

Carry out a shoe repair according to the instructions given, using the repair supplies provided by the organiser.

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Rules & Reguations

A limit is set on the maximum number of contestants for each of the categories.

The maximum number of contestants in each contest is nominally set at two per country. If demand is high, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to vary this maximum, in which case ample prior notice is given.

If there is sufficient international interest other contest activities may be considered.

Each country is responsible for its choice of contestants.

The judging panel for each contest will consist of a panel of at least 3 experts.

The assessment criteria is based solely on the finished product measured against commercial standards. No consideration will be made towards the degree of disability of the contestants, however, special awards will be made relating to the level of disability and efforts made.

Standard tools will be supplied if required. The use of approved aids will be accepted by contestants as long as the aids are intended to assist the contestants to carry out the task in a normal way and are not of a highly sophisticated or specialized type to give an unfair advantage to the contestants. It is, therefore, a requirement for all contestants to inform the Organizing Committee of the type of aids they will be using, if any, apart from the normal set of tools required and designated in order to carry out the task.

Who is eligible to apply to be a competitor?

Any person with a disability who has a skill in the categories being offered for competition by the host country for that particular International Abilympics competition.  There is a $10.00 fee to register your West Australian membership. See our FAQ’s for more information.

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Please note that applications for 2023 (Metz, France) competitors has now closed but we welcome applications for future events.